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From neighborhood markets to community classrooms, Kidde's got it covered with engineered systems that make it easy to protect what matters most--people and property. For generations, we've helped provide scalable, forward-thinking solutions that are installed on time and on budget.

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Right When You Need It

No two facilities are exactly the same – that's why you need a scalable solution paired with cutting edge technology and world class support and service from Kidde. We're proud to provide solutions and systems for small to mid-sized commercial applications, from economical hardwired control panels to high-end life safety platforms, and even hybrid panels that offer the best of both conventional and intelligent solutions.


Smarter Detection for Safer Tomorrows

Kidde is a leader in detection and notification technology, and we have achieved some of the most significant advances in intelligent fire and life safety solutions. Now you can leverage this advanced technology for flexible, scalable protection for your facility.

Our fire and life safety solutions also play a critical role in creating indoor environments that improve occupant health and safety, a key tenet of Carrier's Healthy Buildings program.

Kidde Optica

Intelligent Optica Detectors

Intelligent Optica detectors deliver faster, more accurate alarms thanks to a patented optical sensor that can differentiate between serious threats and nuisance particles like cooking smoke, dust and steam. The result is a drastic reduction in false alarms, saving facility managers time and money.


Optica detectors are the first to receive certification ahead of the new UL 268 7th edition standards, which go into effect in June 2022. Read the whitepaper now.


The Optica detector works by using a patented sensor to measure the size, shape, mass, reflectivity and density of particles and only reacting to those that pose a serious threat.


In addition to its multi-criteria optical sensor, the Optica detector is also available in models with heat and CO sensing to cover a full range of detection.


Retrofit an existing facility without any rewiring thanks to backwards compatible features that allow for forward migration without systems updates.

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Genesis Family

Genesis LED Series Appliances

The Genesis speakers, horns and LED strobes are highly efficient and innovative fire and life safety notification appliances, which feature a low-profile design and require fewer power supplies, backup power and batteries.


Find the right Genesis appliance for every environment thanks to the sleek, compact design that conceals mounting screws and only protrudes about an inch from the mounting surface.


Experience higher performance for lower cost thanks to the ultra-low current draw and high efficiency LED optics, which require fewer power supplies and can be mixed with legacy xenon strobes.


Easily install your Genesis devices with a convenient universal room-side wiring plate, slide switches for field configuration, and in-out screw terminals for quick wiring.


Get exceptional performance and flexibility with Genesis appliances, thanks to field-configurable sound output levels and selectable low current optics.

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The Right Partner in Protection

When it comes to what matters most to you, Kidde's got it covered. We understand that there's more to safety than equipment and technology, so we take the time to collaborate with contractors, builders, owners, architects and designers, to cultivate partnerships with community initiatives and non-profits, and to educate professionals and customers alike in fire safety.

Over 100 Years of Excellence

Unlike some competitors, Kidde has stood the test of time. With over 100 years of experience, we know how to protect your investments.

Forward-Thinking Technology

You can rest easy knowing that Kidde will always be investing in the most up-to-date products and services for your fire and life safety needs.

Strong Support System

We equip all our professionals with the education necessary to provide you with on-demand support for your Kidde systems.

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Let Kidde help you achieve your fire and life safety goals with cost-saving innovations you can only find here.

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