Kidde Intelligent Optica™

A next-generation in smoke detectors engineered for modern materials and building environments.

Kidde Intelligent Optica smoke detectors can differentiate nuisance particles and serious threats. The Optica detector sets the bar for smart response to today's building risks ahead of new standards effective June 30, 2022.

Proud Winners of the 2020 SIA NPS Award for Fire & Life Safety! Optica

Leading The Way

Experience unique technology in smoke detection thanks to the Optica detector, a next generation device engineered for modern materials and building environments.With early compliance to UL 268, 7th edition requirements, the Optica detector raises the bar for intelligent response to today's fire risks.

  • Minimize nuisance alarms and business disruptions
  • Provide faster, more accurate detection and alarms
  • Become UL 268 compliant with patented technology
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Smart Detection for Safer Facilities


By June 2021, all new system-connected smoke detectors must pass new UL 268 7th edition standards.The Optica detector is early compliant, thanks to its patented multi-criteria optical smoke sensing technology. Read the whitepaper now.


Only the Optica detector uses our patented optical sensor to differentiate between nuisance particles like cooking smoke, dust or steam, and serious hazards, only reacting to those that pose a threat. The result is a drastic reduction in nuisance alarms.


In addition to the state-of-the art multi-criteria optical sensor, the Optica detector also has models that include heat and CO sensing to cover a full range of detection applications, which means you can specify a smarter system.
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Smoke Detectors
Smoke and CO Detectors
Smoke and Heat Detectors
Smoke, CO and Heat Detectors.


You don't have to choose between compliance and cost, thanks to backwards compatible features that allow for forward migration without systems updates. Retrofit an existing facility without any rewiring and allow continuous self-diagnostics to ensure long-haul reliability.

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