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Controls and Annunciation

From economical hardwired control panels to high-end life safety platforms – and even hybrid panels that offer both conventional and intelligent solutions. Innovative processing solutions that make built space today as safe as it’s ever been.

KESMobile Cloud-Based Productivity Solution for Intelligent VS & FX Panels

KESMobile is easily accessible through a convenient mobile app and web portal, is cloud-based, safe, secure and easy to deploy. KESMobile offers the ability to provide comprehensive views of your properties and sites from one dashboard, detailed system status information before you dispatch service technicians, convenient, remote assessment and response capabilities, and real-time diagnostics and service event monitoring.

VM-Series: Versatile Life Safety Solutions with Cost-Saving Technology Built-in

The Kidde VM-Series features a wide range of configurations that include standalone operation and networking with up to twenty-four nodes. Optional voice evacuation bridges the gap left by other mid-range systems, while cost-saving innovations deliver exactly what designers and building owners want. VM also features control components and field devices engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of interoperability, so facilities everywhere will benefit from a sophisticated system designed to function as a whole.

VS-Series: Intelligent Fire Alarm for Small to Mid-Range Applications

These powerful life safety solutions offer simple setup, reliable operation, and advanced features that put them into a class of their own. Exclusive ground fault detection actually identifies field wiring problems right down to the individual module. Meanwhile, the VS is so robust that in most retrofit situations existing wiring can be used. Add Ethernet connectivity for local or remote diagnostics and programming, and you’ve got a system that’s just as easy to maintain as it is to install.

FX Series Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels

These easy-to-install fire alarm panels demonstrate that value doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality, and that small building owners don’t have to settle for second-rate fire protection. FX series does so by taking the very best conventional fire alarm technology available today and balancing it with features that benefit small building installers, contractors, building owners, and occupants alike.

FireWorks Graphical Annunciation Interface

The FireWorks Graphical Annunciation Interface is a software platform that works with VS and VM Series fire alarm control panels to provide end users with clear, concise, and coordinated site incident information. FireWorks also supports optional text-based web clients to provide remote status updates.